CBH Documentary Tells Story Behind Award Winning Rose Parade Float

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Congratulations to our client Lions Club International for a rosey start to 2014! They participated in the 125th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade and their float "Matteo's Dream" took home the Tournament Special Trophy (Our interpretation of this trophy is that it qualified for multiple awards but the judges wanted to fair to the other floats, but you can read the official meaning of the trophy here).

While Lions enter a float in the Rose Parade every year, this year's entry was particularly special for CBH Video. The float design was inspired by an all-inclusive playground in Concord, Calif., built in 2007 for a little boy who had cerebral palsy named Matteo. The playground made headlines in the Bay area for being one of the first inclusive parks in the region and also because the community built it in eight days. Sadly, Matteo passed away in 2011. CBH Video was there when the park opened to capture the celebration.

Our team was heavily involved in promoting Matteo's Dream by collaborating with our client on a social media campaign and filming the float decorating process. It was quite the experience with the aroma and bold colors of various flowers and plants filling your senses. Most of the "live decorations" (Rose Parade lingo for florals) go on the day before, so it's a mad rush to decorate everything. You can see the pictures from the shoot in the gallery below.

Overall we are very proud to be a part of projects like this Matteo's Dream. It's not often we get to revisit projects like these which have a lasting impact on our hearts. But we're very thankful for the times we do get to go back.

POSTED: January 3, 2014

Carole Burke Hallberg