H Foundation Shoot with Former Mayor Daley

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No, we didn't photoshop former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley into the photo...though our editors are skilled enough to pull something like that off. This was taken during a shoot for the H Foundation's annual fundraiser - Goombay Bash.

The H Foundation raises money that goes towards research to find a cure for cancer. Nearly every dollar they raise goes towards the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University. They also have a great founding story - It was over cocktails, specifically the Goombay Smash. So it was only natural that the their annual fundraiser be named Goombay Bash.

Daley, whose late wife Maggie lost her battle with cancer, agreed to make a short video message encouraging people to donate and applaud their continued support which would show during the event. Since the former mayor is a big local celebrity in the Windy City, H Foundation wanted to make the video a surprise for the Goombay Bash and we welcomed the opportunity to work with them again.

Working with Daley was truly a delight and a lot of fun. He spoke from the heart during his message and nailed it quickly. Daley even agreed to let us ask him a couple questions about his relationship with the H Foundation and how cancer was personal to him (If you know anything about throwing an impromptu interview at a politician, you can appreciate how rare it was). Afterwards he stuck around to talk with us along with take a few pictures and then was on his way.

The biggest challenge of this shoot was making sure to keep it secret and not posting any of the photos until after the event.

Now without further delay -- here's Daley's surprise message for H Foundation's Goombay Bash, which took place over the weekend.

POSTED: August 7, 2013

Carole Burke Hallberg