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Connecting People, Telling Stories

Visual storytelling is a powerful way to connect and attract people to an organization or cause. Whether heartfelt or humorous, emotion drives us to action. When you need video to drive your message across media platforms, we come in with creative and technical expertise to deliver high quality affordable video content. Founded in 2004 by Carole Burke Hallberg, CBH is a Chicago based video production company built on being trusted video partners who are creative, responsive, and nimble.

We love what we do. We’d love to collaborate with you and be your creative video agency.

Full-Service Video ProductioN Company

What it really means.


Result Driven Strategies

This part of the process is where we ask the hard questions. What is the ultimate goal for your video content and why? What do you want your target audience to feel, think, and do? Our objective is to ensure you get results with high-quality, affordable video production.

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Creative Development

We think differently. Right from the start, we collaborate with clients to develop a unique treatment tailored to get to the heart of your story. We dig deep. We don’t stop until we uncover what makes you stand out from the pack. From scripting to storyboarding, the magic begins here.


Pre-Production / Fixing

Securing locations, booking crews, managing equipment, building schedules, sourcing talent, permits, even porta-potties and hot coffee. It’s the little things that create magic and we have plenty of experience pulling rabbits out of hats.

Visiting Chicago for your next production? Need a crew? Location? Resources? We have you covered.


Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s more than a Hollywood catch phrase. It means being nimble, strategic, and tenacious. This is where expertise and experience on set can make or break a production. We connect you to the best in the industry.


This is where your story comes to life. The best video editing creates a synergy between image and sound to build emotion. We sweeten the story with sound design, professional color grade, and visual/graphic effects. Because, really, who likes cake without the frosting?

Captioning / Translation Subtitling

Our work doesn’t stop when the video is delivered. We deliver on our promise to get your video seen. Captioning and language subtitling is a guaranteed way to engage your target audience, whether on social media or across the world. We’ll take your message across cultures.


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